Our Story

Pata Pata was initially an idea, a somewhat vague concept shared between three people, until it materialized into an electronic music label later on, in early 2014. Ted Dettman, Sal Sonder and Haaj started the label together, and still run it as a tight knit group. Their tastes in electronic music are vast, sometimes overlapping, and most times taking on different directions, however this is not an obstacle, this is what makes Pata Pata Recordings' catalog versatile, and has helped the label to quickly rise up amidst this mediocrity polluted electronic dance music industry. In our picture, house & techno are the high trees, and their branches are the indie, deep, tech and progressive styles we've released thus far and plan to release in the future.

As a platform that houses up-and-coming producers and DJs, as well as already established names in this relatively niche industry, Pata Pata Recordings has signed up artists from all parts of the world, released a great number of singles, EPs, remixes and compilations. In addition, the dedicated monthly podcast - Patacast, acts as a vent for artists and the music they play.

What we heed: a collaborative atmosphere, maintaining strong bonds with our artists and our fans, upholding the standards we've set and also upgrading them.

Learning, constantly evolving, pushing through the boundaries, embracing both the analog and the digital, we acknowledge the graduality of ideas and projects.


Pata Pata Recordings Management

Gjorgi Tasev

Ted Dettman

Slave Atanasov

Sal Sonder

Aleksandar Aki Hadji Jankov